Songs arrived in my heart like strange but welcomed guests. It was the summer after saying goodbye to the life (home/business/community) I shared with my ex; not a choice I desired (as a natural-born fighter for all things, including love), but the decision I felt necessary for happiness and self-love, especially as a yoga-lover and truth seeker. Mom hauled me and the bits of my broken heart out of our his-her Brooklyn apartment and delivered me promptly to the safety of my teenage home.

Music (both lyrics and melodies) began to trail after me during meditation walks in nature, dreams, or sipping an evening glass of wine. What I lacked in formal music training, my broken heart made up in spontaneous lyrics. I felt part closet musician, part cliche country music song. Fortunately, I ditched the pity party -- and the mysterious hows and whys of this rhythm inside -- and just started scribbling down my songs. 

I lined up some yoga teaching work to cover the basics, packed up my bags (and guitar) and planted myself in the Dominican Republic to start life over again, and learn and nurture this newfound musical juice. Here, spiritual serendipity and living angels led me to my current voice teacher and producer, Angel Velasco. I credit him and my talented creative team; Lissa Spencer, art director, Ryann Doyle, hair and makeup stylist, for helping bring my first music video, Blue, to light.

I hope you like it. And if you too, need to start all over again, I hope you have the courage to do it. 

xx Jess