At Your Mercy; Crowdfunding My Debut Album

Hello friends!

I am getting ready to launch my first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

I have to admit it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, as I was never naturally an asker-of-help. And, forging a new life in the Dominican Republic has carved out a new highly independent me. (Beyonce would be proud.)

I’ve become versed in the art of Jeep mechanics. My lemon is ready for a trade-in so I’ve spent (too much) time peering over the grease-laden shoulder of my mechanic. I know how to check my oil, coolant and brake fluid levels. I sling 5 gallon drinking-water jugs over my shoulder into the my counter-top dispenser without breaking a sweat. “Shit, the power is out at home.” Let me run out with my flashlight to check the generator to see if there’s street power— or if we’re running on battery. (Still wanna move to an island paradise? Hehehe.)

Some days I wanna sling up my arm and flex my bicep like Rosie the Riveter in the vintage World War II propaganda poster.


And then I’m reminded I can’t do everything alone. That includes my musical journey up until this point (which was the result of key friendships, my teacher and creative team)— and now, the completion of my debut album. Fundraising reminds me to soften my edges and drop my guard. Me — and we — are truly at the mercy of other people’s kindness in some way, shape, or form.

I’d love to lean on your generosity and invite you into the fold of my musical journey. Your contribution will support the completion of my debut album and second music video— but coming back full circle to the kindness loop, it will also help support the island community that continues to inspire me and so many.

Please shoot me an e-mail to You’ll be the first to receive my crowdfunding launch date + early bird treats!

xx Jess